An Interview with Jérôme Bel by Elsa Pépin

Jérôme Bel has gained an international reputation for being a philosophe, a provocateur and an enfant terrible. Gala is based on the greatest possible diversity of its performers, thus allowing for an equality that is due to the singularity of each member in that community. – Jérôme Bel Find out more about this renowned choreographer as he speaks about GALA in this interview by Elsa Pépin. GALA will be showing … Continue reading An Interview with Jérôme Bel by Elsa Pépin

GALA Review by New York Times

Interested in our upcoming production GALA, but not sure what its about? Read this New York Times review to find out more! “It could all have gone horribly wrong. But in a 90-minute stretch, as mostly untrained bodies attempt movement that is (mostly) way beyond their capacities, Mr. Bel shows, through rigorous structure and timing, how hard it is to master the body, how vulnerable … Continue reading GALA Review by New York Times

Who is Jérôme Bel?

GALA conceived and directed by Jérôme Bel has been presented in numerous countries in Europe and North America. The next stop for Jérôme Bel is Singapore! GALA will have its Asian premier at the Victoria Theatre, Singapore on 6-8 October! “BUT WHO IS JÉRÔME BEL?” Quick history: Jérôme Bel was born in 1964 and lives in Paris. Following his studies in the Centre National de Danse Contemporaine of Angers (France) from 1984 to 1985, … Continue reading Who is Jérôme Bel?