Review: GALA by Theatreworks [8/10/16]

A review of GALA is up! Thank you to Bakchormeeboy for their review of GALA over the weekend!

“80 minutes flew by, of what can only be described as limitless joy and energy. TheatreWorks has proven that there are no barriers to becoming an artist when the stage is set. There is (idealistically) no discrimination, no hate in the theatre world, and seeing the diverse cast onstage perform with their souls tonight makes me believe in that end goal just a little more”.



Too often, we define the disabled by their limitations. But the truth is, each person is capable in their own way, with everyone deserving of a chance to shine.

Directed and conceived by French choreographer Jérôme Bel, GALA features a massive 20 cast members onstage, with both amateur performers and professionals, including Timothy Nga, Fiona Lim and drag extraordinaire Becca d’Bus. GALA rifts on the theme of individualism and self-expression, using the power of the arts to change lives by allowing people from all walks of life to do something they love.


What happens during the performance itself is a series of dances and performances. 80 minutes flew by, of what can only be described as limitless joy and energy. The performance opened with a slideshow of various theatres around the world in all forms, perhaps to suggest that just as the cast is so diverse, so are the various spaces in which…

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