Curtain Call: ‘GALA’

A month ago, we had a fantastic run of GALA at the Victoria Theatre. We would like to once again thank every one of you who came down to support us! We managed to catch up with some of our lovely audience members to find out more about what they thought of GALA: “The concept is absolutely clever and the show is really well-casted. Slightly political but presented … Continue reading Curtain Call: ‘GALA’

‘And they danced their hearts out’

Thank you to The Business Times and journalist Ceah Ui-Hoon for this review of GALA! Bel’s “experiment” certainly shook up the contemporary dance scene by breaking down what’s standard about it – to give us individualisation pf dance and the individual’s interpretation of movement and personal style. It was a night of hilarity – not that we were laughing at the dancers’ lack of skill, … Continue reading ‘And they danced their hearts out’

Individuality And Quirks Win At GALA

Thank you to Popspoken and Dawn Teo for reviewing GALA! GALA by Jérôme Bel achieved what they sought out to do – to be a collective celebration, to go against the idea of what it means to dance well and be your own boss. The work reminds us that art is something that should always be inclusive because it is about people, and as people, difference should … Continue reading Individuality And Quirks Win At GALA

Review: GALA by Theatreworks [8/10/16]

Originally posted on Bakchormeeboy:
Too often, we define the disabled by their limitations. But the truth is, each person is capable in their own way, with everyone deserving of a chance to shine. Directed and conceived by French choreographer Jérôme Bel, GALA features a massive 20 cast members onstage, with both amateur performers and professionals, including Timothy Nga, Fiona Lim and drag extraordinaire Becca d’Bus. GALA rifts on the theme of… Continue reading Review: GALA by Theatreworks [8/10/16]

‘Tis the season for dance

GALA was featured in The Business Times, Arts section today! ‘Tis the season for dance. Highlighted as one of the five upcoming dance performances that dance fans will be able to enjoy from now to December. And hey, GALA is the first one, opening next week on 6 Oct at Victoria Theatre! Still on the fence? Watch our dance trailer to witness the beauty of GALA in action! Then … Continue reading ‘Tis the season for dance

GALA featured in The Straits Times Life Section – Leap of faith with amateurs

GALA was featured in The Straits Times, Life section today. Journalist Nur Asyiqin interviewed Jérôme Bel to find out his inspiration behind GALA. She also speaks to actor Timothy Nga, one of the cast in the piece, on his first ever dance performance! Tickets are still available on all SISTIC Channels! Get yours tickets today! Continue reading GALA featured in The Straits Times Life Section – Leap of faith with amateurs

An Interview with Jérôme Bel by Elsa Pépin

Jérôme Bel has gained an international reputation for being a philosophe, a provocateur and an enfant terrible. Gala is based on the greatest possible diversity of its performers, thus allowing for an equality that is due to the singularity of each member in that community. – Jérôme Bel Find out more about this renowned choreographer as he speaks about GALA in this interview by Elsa Pépin. GALA will be showing … Continue reading An Interview with Jérôme Bel by Elsa Pépin

GALA Review by New York Times

Interested in our upcoming production GALA, but not sure what its about? Read this New York Times review to find out more! “It could all have gone horribly wrong. But in a 90-minute stretch, as mostly untrained bodies attempt movement that is (mostly) way beyond their capacities, Mr. Bel shows, through rigorous structure and timing, how hard it is to master the body, how vulnerable … Continue reading GALA Review by New York Times